October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This October marks one year since I woke up with pain in my under arm and found that lump that changed my life forever. Upon finding my lump I was very concerned because you just never know! Being that it was Friday night I had to wait through the what seemed like never ending weekend. While waiting of course how could I not google my symptoms. Believe it or not after googling I convinced myself it wasn’t cancer. Possibly from too much caffeine is what I was thinking.

It was stated that most cancer is not painful. Which mine was very painful. So painful that I could not sleep. The pain in my under arm is what led me to find the lump in my breast.

It was also stated that if you can roll the lump in between your fingers it was less likely to be cancer. As cancer is harder and more rooted and often unmovable. Mine moved and wasn’t what I would call hard.

My lump was everything that cancer USUALLY is not. I saw 2 different doctors who both thought it was probably from too much caffeine. But was referred to get a mammo so we could be positive. The second doctor found a small lump in my left breast as well. After reading into that it stated that it was not common to have cancer in both breasts unless you carry the BRCA gene. Which at that time didn’t mean anything to me because I had no idea what that even was! But after having soft, movable, painful lumps in both breasts I was almost positive it was my caffeine intake.

After getting my mammo and visiting with the doctor afterwards my hopes were all shot out the window. By her words and the way she spoke I was pretty positive that it was cancer. She was preparing me for the news basically. But I was going to have to have biopsies done before anything was confirmed so I still held onto a bit of hope that it was nothing!

Well I am living proof that cancer doesn’t always have to be one certain way and that no matter how young you are it doesn’t care. I have actually found in my support groups there are more women my age or even younger than there are older women. Breast cancer is appearing to come earlier and earlier in our lives. But detecting and finding that lump early can make a huge difference. Breast cancer in the early stages is very treatable and often curable these days! Main reason you should go to the doctor right away after finding a lump!!

My cancer for example had already spread to my lymph nodes and of course made me question how long I had had it before I found that lump! But there is no way to know for sure and all we can do is check ourselves frequently and get that mammo at the age your doctor recommends. Depending on your family history some are recommended to have one earlier than others!!

October is breast cancer awareness month! Remind those you love to check their tatas and if they are at that age that they need to have a mammo but have been putting it off reassure them that if something was wrong that the earlier it is detected, the better!! The chances that your boobs are trying to kill you is 1 out of every 8 women!! No one can imagine getting this ugly diagnosis and some think it will never happen to them but the fact is it can happen to anyone at anytime!

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