It All Started Witg A Mug!!

That saying….it all started with a mug! That is exactly how my obsession began. Yeah I had seen the LL Dunn items a few friends had and maybe in stores. I didnt realize it was an actual brand. Something people obsessed about. I just thought it was writing on mugs and I would have never known an imitation from a REAL dunn mug. Nor did I realize how rare it is to find certain pieces out in the “wild.”

Well then my life changed. Battling cancer has been my life for the past almost year. While going through breast cancer one of my good friends bought me my FIRST dunn piece!! Which was absolutely fitting to who I have been since diagnosed with breast cancer. A FIGHTER mug!!

I loved it. But I still told her she was crazy and no way I was going to obsess over this stuff. Last time I had an obsession it was longaberger baskets and I now have more of those things than I do places to put them. I also had a short obsession with the Better Homes & Gardens pottery that came out in the early 2000’s I went with the Magnolia design and when I like something I have issues with slowly collecting the pieces.

I want them all and I want them NOW!! It was so easy with the Longaberger or the Better Homes. We would have in home parties and you could get credit to go towards what you wanted from your party sells. With FB snd all the LIVE parties and catalog parties it’s like we rarely take the time out to have home parties anymore and actually socialize and talk about home decor and just get away from the busy hassle of life.

As I started learning about Rae Dun from this crazy friend who at the moment I thought was a little crazy. And possibly a little too obsessed to say the least, I thought in my head, yeah I remember those days of being obsessed with something. Besides clothes and shoes I just didnt hzve one these days.

Being we live in the middle of pretty much no where the closest store that sells dunn is at least an hour away. So my friend told me more stuff about dunn and the hunt and how you just don’t walk into a store at any given moment and expect to find the piece you want or even find any pieces for that matter. The challenge I guess interested me more than anything. So when she told me I should check out the TJMaxx in the city where I drive to for cancer treatment, I was like ok I will go see what they have and see if I can find you anything.

I have a small kitchen and I wasnt trying to get addicted to anything that is going to need to stay in kitchen. But guess what this girl conveniently forgot to tell me? That Rae Dunn is not just mugs and plates and such. Rae Dunn has so many other items. First trip I found a make up bag that had the LL writing and said STASH, a planner and a candle. All had the LL writing that is so obsessed over on the ceramic.

Needless to say it didnt take long and I ordered her a BESTIE mug and me a few other mugs. Decided I would replace all the mugs I have. Only way to fit new.

Here began my obsession.

Going through radiation I couldn’t handle being out in heat or the sun so my days have consisted of lots of time inside. To pass time and keep my mind from going places it shouldn’t I decided I would redecorate my kitchen. Living in an old farmhouse that was sort of the theme I wanted.

First I knew I wanted a sign for over my sink that said Happiness is Homemade. I didnt have the money to just go find one to buy. So I decided I would make my own.

Went to the hardware store and got all the supplies and made sure the hubs would prepare my boards for the signs. This was my first sign making with my sillouette. I had mad shirts, decals and lots of other stuff but never a sign.

Being someone who made signs when stencils were the only way to get a straight line, you can imagine what heaven I was in with this process.

So why stop? I had lots of wood left and lots of time on my hands. I started making signs for my house and then decided to make a few Rae Dunn inspired signs and gnomes which are trending in the farmhouse dunn decor area.

I just owe this to that mug & my now dunn bestie! Gave me that boost of motivation to FIGHT and not just lay in bed.

I have been selling on Mercari and I am sharing a link to my shop here. As well as some pictures of my work.

Not only do I have a passion for this I love doing it! If only I could get out there to the right people what I am selling I think I could sell lots more!

So please share this for me and help a sister out!!

Thanks for reading and always….HAPPY DUNNING.

DUNN KARMA IS REAL. Help others the way you want to be helped! No need to up the price of the $5.99 mug yo $130. It will come back around! That is just not right!!! BE KIND!


Check out my dunn inspired items and other farmhouse decor and attached, if you are new to the app is a $10 off first purchase coupon!! Share my shop with friends & expect nothing but what you see when shopping with me!! Customer smiles is my number one and what I enjoy!!

Check out what I’m selling on Mercari! Use my code EQHUNN to sign up!

Check out what I’m selling on Mercari! Use my code EQHUNN to sign up!

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