Hardest Job Ever- Being a Parent

How is it that our children can go from making us feel like we won the lottery to feeling like the biggest failure in the world? One minute you can be so proud and all of that can change in seconds.

I know that our teen years are those that we think we have the world all figured out. I also know that it is only natural to think that our parents have no idea what they are talking about and it often feels like ruining our lives is there true goal. I now also know why my mother got so crazy at times. I am some of the blame for that one!

All we can do as parents once our children are at a certain age is express our thoughts and what we think about situations and hope they take what we say into consideration. Some things we have to let our children learn on their own while some things are too hard to watch when we see no ending. When our children begin consuming their time with people who do not have their best interest and you see the change that it is making on your child it is always hard to not get involved.

I was told that now that she is not living in my house it wasnt any of my concern who she talks to or what she does. I have always been close to my kids and kept the door open to talk about everything and anything. To me that was not only disrespectful but far from true. After wanting to do bad things to the kid who did her wrong and probably saying too many things to him and her that I shouldn’t have I decided to just not say anything else. Good or bad. Not reply to texts or calls and just kind of do the opposite of what I usually do. If she wants to do what she wants and hide things from me I told her that was fine but don’t think you can run back when you need something. Of course I am exaggerating a little by saying that. I just want her to wake up. I want that girl back who could tell me everything and who knew her worth. I just want what is best for my baby girl.

With all of that said we still have a long path ahead but not being there or answering her calls for 2 days was the first step to opening her eyes! I feel like us always being there she kind of began to take for granted and things we do for her because we love her now were expected. So 2 days I am sure for her felt like an eternity and I hope that was enough time for her to know the difference in between what we have to do as parents and what we do because we love her.

Having parents who care can seem like no fun and the ones who have parents who don’t care what you do or give any rules can seem like something that would make life better but, in reality those are usually the kids who end up with no future or still living at home at 30. As cool as they seem now just give it 10 years and see where they are with life!!

Never take for granted parents who care or try to be involved in your life. Ruining life is their last mission. If anything they are only trying to stop you from ruining your own life.

Never have a ever loved someone the way I love my children. Never will they understand that love until they too experience it. No love can measure the love a parent has for their children and no child can ever understand how deep that love is until they have a child of their own.

Parenting comes with no instruction manual. Sometimes we make the right choices and others when we make wrong ones, we learn for future situations what not to do. Being the first born often has it’s downfalls and that is definitely one of them. You often become your parents guinea pig. They learn a lot from their mistakes with you! But dont be upset with your parents if they were trying that’s because they love you. Be thankful that you have parents that put you first and give them a little slack!

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