Letter to Our Senior ❤

Makayla Del,

You changed our lives in ways I could never put into words and for that I am grateful. I am sorry you were the first born and one who got to endure our lack of parenting skills having you at such a young age. We made many mistakes with you and I was not the mother at 18, that you have now helped me to become.

You are a very smart, talented, and beautiful young woman who is destined to do great things. You have made us so proud through the years, and it’s so hard to believe that you are now ending this chapter of your life, and graduating this Spring. Like seriously how has 18 years already passed?

I am so excited for your next chapter as you find your path and decide where you want to be in life. You are luckier than you know; you have so many people who love and support you, know how amazing you are, and what talent you have. But none of that will ever matter if you don’t find confidence in yourself, in everything you do, and just believe in yourself. You may not tackle something the very first time, and that’s okay; never give up on yourself. If there is a will there’s a way. If you want something don’t ever think that it is not within your reach because you’d be lying to yourself. The first step always is to believe in yourself and to know that you will not always succeed without a few failures. When you fail, and you feel as though you are so low in a hole that you can never climb out, that’s when you have to remember that without the lows in life, you could never appreciate the highs.

Take life one step at a time. When one door closes that does not mean to give up; that means to come back through the back door with the mind set that you will go harder, and you will learn from your mistakes! Don’t let a failure bring you down; use that as your motivation and your determination to keep trying. Those with a heart and passion for something don’t take no for an answer. No one likes a quitter or someone who can’t learn from their mistakes. Some of the greatest of the greats were rejected many times before becoming the successful people that they are today. Take your failures and turn them into lessons to be better than you were. No mistake is a bad one unless you don’t learn something from it. Giving up on yourself is the only mistake you can ever make.

There are a lot of people in this world, and a lot of people trying to achieve the same thing as you. There are people who you will act as a friend when they really have other motives. Trust no one that has not earned and proved they are worthy of your loyalty because too many times people won’t have the same caring heart as you.

Keep going and if you are rejected, step it up. Write your name on the canvas at hand. Make yourself someone that can not be forgotten, and that is expected to not give up.
We love you and want nothing but the best for your future!! It won’t be long and your future I speak of will be reality. So get ready and work on keeping the company of people who share common goals and have a plan for their future. As much as bad habits rub off on others, well so do good habits. Surround yourself with motivated, uplifting, and empowering people; keep your distance from all those negative always harshing mellow mind!

Love You More,
Your Proud Mom & Dad

PS. We are always here for you: for the good, the bad, and even the ugly. Never feel doubt about coming to us if you need anything at all. And never feel ashamed or embarrassed to tell us if you start struggling or need a hand or anything at all! Just because you are leaving the nest does not mean we aren’t here, or you have to figure everything out on your own because that is far from true. We are always a phone call away no matter how far apart we maybe.

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