🎁Christmas Day Is A Little Different This Year 🎄

Christmas day has always been a day free of care. As I reminisce my past Christmas’ I have so many amazing memories. From vacations, family gatherings to Mike’s birthday celebrations Christmas night. As our Christmas evening is coming to an end, in the past, I would usually be preparing for the “after party”, as we awaited the arrival for some of our closest friends, but tonight I find myself trying to keep my mind busy, cleaning and getting everything in line for tomorrow. Surgery is at 12:30p with an arrival time of 10:30a. I am a nervous wreck, but beyond anything just trying to enjoy the holiday with my family and embrace every second as grateful as I am to be here with them!

It’s so strange how a our world can get turned upside down in the blink of an eye. How our worries and mind set can do a total 360 in a matter of months. I am what I thought was a healthy 36 year old wife and mother of 4, who is very active and on the go with kids and work. Worrying from day to day how I will have enough hours in the day to accomplish every single task needing accomplished.

2017 has been quite the storm as we have bot found the calm. But, as I have learned from my past, after the storm passes and darkness becomes light, if you search far enough you can always find a rainbow!

As I know the battle that lies ahead of me, I am prepared to go hard and stay fierce and beat this!! As cancer was definitely not something I had planned for this year, yes I have always had the worry of cancer, but not so much at this age. I still felt somewhat young. But, cancer CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE.

Everything that said my lumps weren’t cancer were there, but after mammogram and biopsy it turned out otherwise!! Women be cautious at ALL AGES of changes in your breasts. For me the last few months before finding the lumps I had lots of swelling, tenderness and even swore some days I was pregnant, (which my tubes are tied) until taking a pregnancy test and finding out otherwise. To eventually have a sore underarm and arm and finding the lump in the middle of the night.

Cancer was the last thing I thought I would have on my plate Mak’s senior year. But, it can’t beat me and it won’t win!! Tomorrow’s surgery is a go after finding out I was nicotine free at the plastic surgeon’s the other day, which was just one of the many upcoming mountains I must climb, but I have no doubts I can do this!! But, after not smoking 2 and a half weeks I was able to move my surgery up and get in there and start this battle!!

Keep my family and I in your prayers and I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & and also wishing you all a Happy upcoming New Year!!

Thank you to all who support me and my family and have been there for us. There’s a small village of special people, you all know who you are, with the kind words, gifts, cards, and all of the above, I THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!! You don’t know what it means to feel so loved!!

#FriendsDontLetFriendsFightAlone #FuckCancer

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