Mandy’s Miracle Blog 1 – Personal Blog About My Battle For A Cure With Real Emotions & Real Photos Documenting My Journey 

My mammogram was my first appointment at the hospital and the day I basically prepared myself and knew that I had cancer as the doctor gave me my mammogram results and my bi-rad level was at the top of charts. 90% chance my spots were cancer.

I have been blessed to have found many amazing doctors and staff when coming to the hospital. They have been very amazing and gone above and beyond to help me in ways I never expected through the beginning of this. Which was the hardest part because I didn’t have insurance and didn’t have to even do a thing. As they took care of it. I love how they made me feel and took my worry of how I would pay away and only focused on what I needed to get my lumps biopsied, and even after that and I was diagnosed they made me feel confident in being able to beat this. They randomly called me and checked on me in between appointments several times and checked to see how I was doing mentally and physically. And made sure I didn’t have any concerns along the way. They even surprised me that night before my biopsy, called and said we have purchased a room at the hotel right by hospital for me. They said I was going to need to show up 2 hours earlier than we had planned because I had not only 1 spot needing biopsy but, 3. This was going to make the procedure take just a little longer than most.They always made sure I didn’t have any concerns along the way.

This photo was right before I went back to have the titanium markers put in to mark my spots & have biopsy done.
Biopsies went well. Loved my surgeon and his team. They comforted me and helped me feel confident in them and what was going on the whole time.

My Diagnosis: LEVEL 3. INVASIVE DUCTAL CARCINOMA. (Spread to node) I ended up being ER Positive & PR Positive and My HER2 was which ever that made it less aggressive as I am drawing a blank. All that extra info was not given for about a week after my results of cancer.

After meeting with the surgeon about my results I was told I had to wait for the last few test results before we decided if I would have chemo or surgery first. He also expressed the worry of spreading as it was in my nodes already and ordered several other tests to make sure! So that was my next step!

The stuff you have to drink night before and day of scan. Tastes horrible and was so hard to get down!!
What better way is there to deal with any problem other than Snapchat filters. They always make things appear funny and make me laugh.

After arrival the next week for all my tests. I first had blood drawn and then went on over to have an IV put in for the stuff they needed to put in my veins for my up coming scans that afternoon.

This was when I had my first experience with someone I wasn’t comfortable with at this hospital. An older man who was going to put in my IV. Not only did this man breath extra loud but, had this tweaker mouth thing going on making nasty noises and moving his mouth nonstop. That in its self was making me want to smack him and causing my heart to race. Between that and his struggle with my vein I start thinking the worse. Like this crazy man is going to be the cause of my death. Never has anyone had a problem with my veins nor did it ever hurt me when I got an IV put in. Getting pretty scared as my arm kind of burns, I look down at my arm where he is working on my IV. Oh shit! Wrong choice! BLOOD! Lots of blood. Instant light headed and dizzy feeling came over me. I feel myself struggling to hold my head up and feel very woozy. As I take deep breaths and try to think happy thoughts, the sweat is just pouring out of my pores. I swear never have I ever sweat so bad. I can feel it all running down me on every inch of my body. As I tell him how I feel my voice seemed so loud and in slow motion as I was speaking. I hear myself echoing through my head and I get scared as I ask if this is normal. He says I don’t think it is and I can tell he is freaked out. So I just take several deep breaths and rry to maintain until he can complete and finozh putting the meds in. Finally he is all done! At that point I am barely holding myself up and just so hot and so dizzy. I tell him i need a bed and ice water fast. I said i feel weak like I am going to pass out and he said inshouldnt feel that was from an IV. He gets me to a bed and gets me drink and cold wash rag and all I can think is, I hope that was a first and last.

I was encouraged to take the genetics questionnaire to see if I could take the genetic test and that was definitely something that they found out I was a good candidate. So the test was scheduled for the day I came back for a bone scan, MRI & other blood work.
MRI went well had the sweetest lady named Mandy assist with this. Told her about my scary experience with the IV and creepy man. She laughed and made me feel better with one of her own horror stories about giving blood.
Sitting in the waiting room after my scans waiting on next step I start getting anxiety and feeling upset. I instantly say positive thoughts think of something positive about this and look around the room. This was my first positive thought that came to mind.

We finally were instructed we could go to lunch and come back in 2 hours for the last of the tests which was a bone scan and would be followed by an appointment to meet my onocologist. So many doctors so many things to understand. Cancer has became the most stressful thing I have ever had happen in my life. As Ibhave all this information being given aboit my cancer and tests I have to take along with decisions I have to make as to that I over think and rethink and question if I am making the right decision.

Bone scan was about 29 minutes and very similar to the MRI just a smaller machine I was ran through. With all my tests done and everything in order it was time to head over to meet the onocologist in 1 hour. I was told he might have some idea of how my tests from today were looking. But, not knowing my her2 yet we hadn’t decided my plan yet. Surgery or chemo first. My whole support group, my Grandpa, husband, Sharon & youngest daughter, have been with me through every appointment and test and accompanied me as I went to learn about my treatment plans.

When the oncologist walks in he introduces self and asks what he can help me with today. So from that moment I am like I don’t like this guy. What does he mean what can he help me with? I just had 8 hours of other appointments and was finishing my appointment list by coming to this one which was schduled for me. I have no idea what I am doing here. That’s your job as cancer is all new to me and I am just doing what I am told by my nurse navigator. But, I explain what all I have done and my whole day and my diagnosis that led me there. His first comment is 36 year old healthy woman. This diagosis at such yiung age with such good health makes no sense. I was flabbergasted. Not because I hadn’t thought that myself but, because he actually said it. Like I want to know how I am going to beat this not how I am another statistic. I am trying to like this onocologist I really am. But, the fact I have to translate and speak slowly with eveey question he just stare with this dumb look at me with no response. Leaving me to go further into detail about why I asked the question I asked. And his lack of response is because either he can’t believe I am asking all these questions and have my notebook and notes out as I feel I am interrogating him about my treatment as I want to be asured this is what is best or his English isn’t up to par. Not for sure what it is but, none of my questions were answered with an answer that gave me faith in him or my treatment but, only leaving me to go home and research and go even more crazy.

Next appointment is the following day and will be with the plastic surgeon who is doing my reconstructive part of my surgery.
Thanks for following my journey!! XoX ❤

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