Memos, Memories & Memoirs  -wrapped in a Collection of Letters for Our Daughter Senior Year ✉ 1

November 16, 2017

To Our Beautiful Daughter, Our Dearest First Born, Our Senior, The One Who Changed Our Lives, Our Sweet “Mak”,

This is the first of many letters that I will present to you over the next several weeks to come. I have been writing things forever, here and there, experiences as you have grown up and am working on pulling them all together in collaboration, for what I am calling, Memos, Memories, & Memoirs, a collection of these years, edited and split into shorter letters for you to read. One every other week or so for the next several weeks, maybe not all public. That is of your choice.

Each, maybe, wait, no, probably, filled with a lot of information that you will find unimportant and useless at the moment but, read it anyways

I want to start by telling you somethings I may have left unsaid all of these years. I want to tell you how you how much you changed my life and made me a better person, while I have struggled to be the best mom I could. 

How all those times mama bear came out and embarrassed the hell out of you, well the feelings I never even knew I could have had came. I didn’t know how to control them and often did things without thinking because watching you in pain or upset gave me a new kind of pain. That has taken me sometime to learn. But, proves how I will always have your back but, through all my outburst and craziness I have learned so much.  Thank you, guinea pig. Your brothers and sisters appreciate all that you have taken on being our first experiment! Haha! Love you!

I also through these letters want to give you a little advice for your upcoming new chapter that is right around the corner.  I want you to remember these things. Somethings of which I express took me many years to learn how to handle these moments without going bat shit crazy. Sometimes I instead of teaching you to go out and fight the world, did too much protecting you from the world. As why so much preparation, I feel we have left.

Some things you have to live and learn and some things I am going to write to you are just important need to know types of things for when you are alone in that dark alley and stuff like that. (LOL) Which, by the way, you better NEVER BE! 

Life is about experiences and the more you do something and the more experience you get and the better you will become at that skill. As perfection in my eyes is never truly obtained and you can always get better at EVERYTHING. To being a better human to being better at whatever profession of your choice, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Nothing comes easy but, ALL GOALS are obtainable if you want something bad enough. Focus, focus and get back up when you fall!! NEVER say can’t! With a will there is always way!

Always have the mindset that just because you aren’t where you want to be today that doesn’t mean it is not obtainable. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself always, instead of being your worst critic. You are always going to find things you don’t like about yourself but, what does dwelling on those things do besides break you down? Nothing! You have to believe in yourself and the rest will fall in its place! Change what you don’t like and if it’s not changeable, change the way you think about it. Perception. It’s life.

Always have some goals set and a date you want to achieve those goals and make sure you keep at until you have reached each goal! Then onto the next! You can never stop improving a skill or talent as you cam always be a better version of yourself. 

Never settle. Work hard. Play hard. And live life to the fullest. Find happiness within yourself and that’s when you will find you don’t need to look to boys or others to bring you happiness. 

Happiness is contagious so take it with you where ever you go and let it spread like wild fire!!

Until next week! Keep on keeping on, my first baby love.  ❤XoX~

Mom & Dad

Ending Quote“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.” – Albert Einstein

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