Stop Shaming the Teen Treaters 🎃

It’s that time of year again!! I heard someone speaking that younger teens have no business out getting candy and they should stay home. Kind of annoyed me and I couldn’t get the words out of my head that I heard this old grumpy man saying to his wife! “Trick or treating is for the little kids and the teens need to stay home!!”

It kind of hit me wrong! Like there’s probably lots of other stuff going on their older friends maybe doing or whatever that they AREN’T EVEN OLD enough to be thinking about, none the less doing!! That’s awesome if they still have that spirit and want to dress up and go out with their friends and be respectful young adults. We all have that kid inside of us! It never leaves!! Its only acceptable to let it out for so long!! So the teens who still find the fun in picking out a costume and getting LOTS OF CANDY should go for it and not be told to go home!! Give them some candy!

The early teens are such hard years. The changing and the difference in how the kids a few years older than them are behaving compared to them or even how much more mature they are than the kids a year or two younger. Such a changing point. Where u figure out your likes and dislikes. A moment when kids start forming clicks and “groups”. A time some kids might be struggling more than others to fit in or be the popular kid.

But, at 13 to probably 15, they are too young for that OTHER stuff that all of the kids at that age are starting to learn and be curious about doing. Unfortunately there are some already experimenting with it ALCOHOL and drugs! It is actually kind of scary to be honest! So not sure if it’s my past that scares me or the crazy way kids are getting too old for their own good and it’s coming at an earlier age with each group of kids. Scares the hell out of me thinking about my 3 year olds future!

I am doing all I can to embrace their sweetness and innocence that they still have because once it’s gone, IT IS GONE!! Teenagers are far from innocent and everything BUT, sweet!! Not to mention they think they know it all! I like that age when they are young and ask 21 questions because in their eyes you are the wiser one, and then one day out of no where something changes! Mom no longer knows anything and she is so stupid and old. And from their you find yourself wishing away their lives again. Because you know the day is going to come and they will FINALLY say, YOU WERE RIGHT! And they will know all that stuff you were preaching just wasn’t to preach and annoy them. They will realize that their parents were young once too and yeah they were right 99.9% of the time that they said other wise and argued and just knew their parents just wanted to make life hard.

Kids are just growing up way too fast these days! We need to keep reminding them how much time they have to do adult activities & once your grown theres no going back!! So if you are bored, be bored already! I don’t even remember what it feels like to have time to be bored or time to myself. Now is the time to find YOURSELF!! Don’t worry about finding that special someone!! You have your whole life to try to please someone else, find your own happiness and that special person will fall into place!!

So to me,  teens trick or treating is more than acceptable! I am actually encouraging it! But, I EXPECT to see costumes and not just hoodlums out to cause trouble or have other motives like smashing pumpkins or whatever vandalizing or whatever “the cool” thing to do today is, rather than getting LOTS of candy!!

So if a teenager comes to your door, give them some candy & don’t shame them!! Praise them! Their peers maybe out doing what they think is the “cooler thing” & we would much rather see them trick or treating at 14, than out drinking at a party & the girls under dressing and the drinking leading to things we don’t even want to think about!!

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