A Teacher’s Professionalism At It’s Finest πŸ“š

I am beyond irritated and upset with a situation that invloved one of my children’s teachers. Can’t sleep thinking about it. So I must kick these thoughts out and I know this may offend some people being I live in such a small town where, I guess, it is found acceptable for teachers to make FB posts in which they are degrading how their students parents are. And often like other situations we are expected to tuck our tails in between our legs and walk away. But, that isn’t me so guess what after reading this post the teacher posted I was not only disgusted but, very angry and left feeling like not all teachers put their students hearts before their own.

To me if you want be successful in a certain profession than u act like a professional. Never in my life would I ever publicly judge or give my opinion of my daughter’s classmates parents parenting skills or act as if they were below me and express it on social media. NEVER have I felt so much hate from a teacher or disrespect from a teacher.

I have even been so expected to be so upset over ! Do i think Not always! But, do I learn from my mistakes and try to be a better me than I was yesterday, of course!! Do i lay in bed at night and often question certain decisions as a parent that I made, HELL YES! Do I often feel as though I am failing and don’t know what the hell to do, yes constantly!! I became a mom at 17 and my daughter and I have had so many amazing learning experiences over the last 18 years, and she has problem taught me more than I realized and I probably made alot of mistakes with my first born that I won’t repeat with my others as I am sure many other parents can relate to. So when I read this post that is posted by someone who was just in a private conversation in a group with me I kind of get the feeling her disgusting post was directed to me. So initially I was fuming because the situation could have been handled in more respectful way in my opinion. So after shaking it off and cooling down after expressing my thoughts I came to the realization that I should be humored by her lack of morals and ugly attitude than offended. And I guess it’s not her opinion I am offended by but, the lack of respect for her students to keep her negative thoughts about their parents to themselves and it’s just plain disgusting to me for someone who should be looked up to and make the kids feel safe would use her platform in such an ugly hateful way. Everyone is open to an their own opinions, but it definitely takes a special kind of person to think that that action was acceptable. And here I am retaliating with the same action and publicly voicing how disgusted I am by this situation. As I also felt the need to say that the award she spoke of, parent of the year that so many must be trying to achieve…haha! That is very funny to me because you know what I do want to be parent of the year but, not for anyome but who matters and that is MY KIDS. No one was trying to belittle or disrespect u as u have done so many, but somehow u are quick to get thinks twisted and cry wolf and call other people liars and basically not as good of a parent as u, who was there with them more than their parents. Very small minded post from a very miserable person who tries making themselves feel better by putting others down. Bless your heart I was that girl at one point in my life & I have sense grown and got out of that negative bubble I was trapped in. My goals and perception has changed extremely over the years. Life is not a competition or a race to see who can drag the other one down faster nor is it battle of who is a better parent . Everyone has different situations and lifestyles and things we don’t know about! The moment I learned that I realized we parents all want the same thing and have the same goal. Which is to raise humble humans. ( i hope that’s other parents goals) We as parents struggle with our own inner voice & the same old questions, was that what i should have done or not, what if I had this or that. As parents we are always questioning am I doing the best i can, what should I do different? All we want is the best for our children and we question ourselves enough without someone who knows NOTHING about u or your family to publicly act as though a parent is not good enough is just very sad to me. What u should be doing is uplifting your students & teaching them to spread kindness and help those who are not as fortunate weather that be with an open heart or some wise advice, but something that makes them grow as people not make them feel like they are less than!!

I moved to Braymer to raise my kids in a community where we all look out for one another and uplift and help our neighbors and community. I have always been active in ALL 4 of my children’s lives as well as volunteered in many town activities for many years as well as running a business here. I want to be an asset to those around and help those who reach out to me. All of my children’s friends have felt comfortable and known they can come to me and I will be there. I don’t be this way for acknowledgement or for show.

Making others happy brings me joy. Helping others out of the dark makes for a better tomorrow. I guess this is why I am so upset and asking for others opinions on this type of situation as this is a first. Is this an acceptable post from a teacher?

Should certain professions keep certain things off social media or have consequences? I want to brush it off like it’s no big deal but, act your role or get cut from the script!!

Be the one who brightens others day & push them to their best version! Not a shade caster that is always making students upset. And if that’s not a goal then I don’t feel that that u have entered the correct profession.

What Do You think? Am I over reacting is this the kind of role models we want for our kids??

And to this teacher who doesn’t care what they think and didn’t play these games in HS is apparently making up for it now. And as far as parents finally caring what goes on with their children their senior year? That was a strong judgement that u have no business even saying and I find it very ignorant. Where did u not see us? At school? Well we are probably off working at our jobs to put roofs over their heads. I have been active in ALL my kids lives so maybe u should give your twisted self contradicting words & bold face lies a rest, because that of making others look less than did nothing but, say A WHOLE LOT ABOUT YOU. And quite frankly the only embarrassment I have is the second hand embarrassment after I read your post.πŸ’‹

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