ONLY Love Will Conquer All 🌈

Dear Holier Than Thou,

Who gave you the Holy Stick  to cast upon others? 

You cast those loving someone of the same sex, as you have been given ability to judge and condemn another person, and it  is only going to get you bad things when your judgement day comes. So keep singing that song that God HATES Gays. The day will come.

Never did he make others feel the way I feel those who act  holier than thou, and self righteous as that being a sin as well, make others feel. If you were reading into the bible for all the right reasons you would know what God sent Jesus for.  But, no where did Jesus hate anyone let alone any two people who were in love nor did he want anyone else to spread hate. He only askes Jesus to spread his word as Jesus wanted us to do. Do not hate the sinner. Hate the sin. Hello those who sin. Do not condemn.  And the fact that being  those who claim they know  Jesus and want to follow his word and to be as Christian as the bible says, I think you would know not to  judge others with such anger and hate. Being that wrath could be brought back twice as bad. I may not have gone to the same cult like church I and even such conclusion, after the very few times of attending church, or the many Bible Studies I attended or even from reading the Bible daily And taking my questions to preachers or others who understood what I didn’t. Never ever did I ever feel like God HATES any sinner or that God didn’t want sinners to know His word and as I remember it there was many sinners who he sat at the dinner table with for many meals.

But, you  believe God HATES Gays? And you feel like God wants you to turn them away And tell them because of who they love they can not be a Christian. Is that even of your worry? Did God ask you to decide who could And could not worship him? Did he tell you to spread the word that He hates gays? And that same sex love is a sin because the “Bible tells me so”, can you please elaborate and give me something more than that. Because NO WHERE did I interpret any thing close to God hating any sinner. And if you were half what I believe God wants us to be as Christians.

All I can even say right now is, SHUT THE F*CK UP ALREADY!! Get the fu*k out of here. Who the f*ck gave you the title of Judge? I know of only one who can Judge. As a Christian that you should know that as well. The consequences of judging others must have also been something that you forgot. I definitely would say, the parts of Bible where “those Christians” claim same sex love is said to be a sin are definitely some of which you should be less focused on as I can think of many more to prove that God LOVES ALL of HIS children for all of us sin. (As if love is a sin and your hate what Jesus would do.)

What about all those other things that were ONCE considered a sin during the biblical days that the Bible also speaks of?? Ex.- wearing cotton, eating certain meat, divorce, birth control, or even the idea women should stay at home and raise the children while the men provide and so many more things that most of you who are worried about others and who they love,  are doing yourself and what do you believe God is thinking about your hypocrisy?  Instead of practicing your own sin and making yourself better you are hiding behind them all and worrying about those who are in love with the same sex and happy. You say they can not be Christians and also be gay. It’s mind blowing. 

I find it beyond disturbing that that’s what so many poor, unfortunate souls continue to worry about and preach about, the life that makes others happy!! A life they have a right to while being Christian if they please, or they can even be Atheist, or whatever they please. It is not your matter to mind. God turns away no one. So why are you? Those who sinned are the ones he would seek out to the most. As those were the ones who needed him the most. 

It breaks my heart that individuals are so easily brain washed by cult like leaders they call preachers as they are made to believe God hates gays. Especially those who say that if you have read the Bible then you would know and understand why Gays can not be Christians. Like I guess you have your own secret version of the Bible because I HAVE read the Bible. As I question what you have read or the perception you had while reading it. As the parts of the Bible you claim to prove are proof that homosexuality is a sin, which by the way was not ever once spoken as a sin when it involved two people of the same sex being on love. I remember sodomy and rape. Rape and love are nothing alike. So taking someone of same sex, yes that is a sin as it is terrible and evil. But, loving someone of the same sex?? What is evil in that?

For example, what about Ruth and Naomi?? Their love is compared to the love of Adam and Eve. And their love is celebrated, right? Not condemned. Jesus did not condemn Ruth And Naomi. And they are of the same sex. Tell me about your thoughts on this one! Why was there love also celebrated if it was considered a sin? The same Hebrew word, clung, used in Genesis 2:24 describing Adam and Eves love is also used in Ruth 1:14 to decide the love between Ruth and Naomi. Ruth clung to Naomi, is how it was written. Was that love celebrated or condemned??? To understand the full impact of what happened, we need to put ourselves in the mindset of the time. When this story was written, women had only two acceptable places in society: They could be a daughter in their father’s household or a wife in their husband’s household.

I could go on and on with proof God loves Gays ans NOT JUST GAYS BUT EVERYONE, and he will prove this on Judgement day when all of the self righteous assholes meet the maker! They will be judged as they have judgef. God’s arms are open to everyone, your sins are forgiven.  He died on the cross for us because of our sins. He excepted us all us for our sin and unlike Him, we all sin. I do not believe that there is any possible way that love could be a sin, but if it is how could it not be forgiven. Was your mother and father forgiven for their divorce, your friend for their lie, or your neighbor who commited adultery?? We live in a chaotic world of sin and evil yet time is wasted worried about someone loving someone else of the same sex. As though their love may bring unhappiness to others. 

God planned for his creation to fall in love and raise a family and to love one another unconditionally. This was a time before all the evils that exists today even existed.  Before there was adoption or people having babies that they didn’t want, a time when birth control was also considered a sin. Today there are ways for same sex partners to have the same life as opposite sex partners but, we have those who try to dtand in the way. Today, in this day and age, a couple of the same sex can live by God’s word just as the opposite sex can. The same sex can raise a family and raise exceptional little humans just as the opposite sex can. I don’t there are couples of the same sex having babies they don’t want or having babies to only neglect and damage because they didn’t want them in the first place. They are actually the ones that are there to adopt all those babies that opposite sex partners are having that they otherwise would have otherwise aborted or abused. Do you honestly think God hates those Gays who have taken in and adopted so many babies and loved each other and continue to love each other and be good humans and live normal lives? If so you are probably part of what is wrong with the world today.

Like this one here that all you bible thumpers love to throw out there when proving God hates Gays, Genesis 19. (Which I have read several times and am now asking you to  reread with an open mind. With a mindset that this book has absolutely nothing to do with proclaiming homosexuality as a sin. Show me where there is anything mentioned of the same sex being in love. This was a story of sodemy, a gang rape involving all ages, incest & many other disgusting acts. argument. PLEASE! The City of Sodom was FULL of sins. Far beyond homosexuality. Their lack of hospitality, the incest, and the one sin I find the WORST, which was involving same sex, is the sodomy. Where was there anything mentioned of same sex LOVE? This was a gang rape of ALL ages! It was horrifying and unacceptable. How on earth can it be compared? 

Sorry but, not sorry for the explicit language, but this enrages me for those to claim to be Christians but, in the same  Judge other and condemn them for their  happiness, which they  believe God thinks is a sin and is just that, only for God to Judge. 

Yours Truly,

Someone Who Loves All Even Those Who’s Sins Are Different Than Mine. As loving is not a sin!! ❤

PS. My God does not Hate. My God does not want us to hate. My God LOVES all of his children. Why one would want to have such faith in a God who believe the way you have portrayed, makes my mind question those people. Never would My God agree with me spreading hate and condemning those for a sin. I think the Devil is brainwashing those who think different. Definately not the work of God.

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