It’s Not About You πŸ’£

Imagine a bomb with an extremely long fuse that travels miles on end. So long that it’s estimated time to blow up is questionable and could come when we are least expecting! Keeping my gurad up and watching over my shoulder in constant fear of what’s to come.

At some point in our lives our best doesn’t seem good enough. There’s someone always telling us that we can’t or that we aren’t good enough. Ones you thought loved you, just want to find the bad in everything you do. Even if they have to make it up. 

At this time I can not recall a moment this person had something positive to say about me. It has led me to believe that she has given up on herself and pleasing her is often impossible and no matter what nothing I do can make her happy. 

Jealousy and envy is often a battle many suffer when they are not happy with themselves and if they aren’t succeeding, they don’t want to see others succeed. These people are weak and bringing others down is all they know to do. It makes them feel a temporary satisfaction with themselves. The battle these types face is not with you or anyone else’s to fight.

They are quick to give excuses and point fingers for their mistakes, but never actually owning up to them, admitting that they were wrong, and learning a lesson. They continue to live on has beens and what ifs. 

I had a bad childhood. I lost my mother before I should have to addiction. The past can be a crutch and they can keep using all of the past as an excuse as why they can not change the present. A bad past will haunt a person’s soul forever if they don’t have the strength to overcome their faults, admit them, deal with them, and use them to be a better person. Finding happiness with in one’s self can often be the hardest battle one must fight.

I feel when someone is so unhappy with themselves and feel so miserable about their own lives that happy people seem fake. They think everyone else is out to get them, but in reality these thoughts turn them into an envious, vindictive, manipulating individual that is full of anger and hate. They spend more time worrying about everyone else’s lives that they get so blinded to the truth and to reality that it leaves them alone.

Mental illness is something many people suffer and it’s often the loved ones of someone with a mental illness that suffer the most. Normal people dealing with someone who doesn’t think they have a problem, someone that truly believes their own crazy thoughts and keeps continuing to make your life chaotic and full of unnecessary stress, can be a huge struggle but, they continue to try and look over it and try to make things right. They feel that they are strong for dealing with this and strong for putting up with it. In reality the strongest thing at this point that anyone can do is not to stop caring or loving but, to stop being a punching bag. Let them know where you stand and that you can not continue to live like this. That if they want you in their lives they need to go talk to a professional. They will usually still be convinced they were trying and no one else was and threaten you or continue to use other tactics to keep you in their life. But, you have to be strong for their peace of mind and most important your own peace of mind.

Because you chose to not let them be part of your life until they get the help needed and you can see a changed person stops you from being an enabler. Tolerating and dealing but, saying you don’t agree is often not enough to make someone see reality. It usually escalates and their crazy just gets crazier and you remain hurt and feeling helpless.

Offer to go with them to get help and if they still won’t go then that’s when you have to eliminate yourself from their life. Let them know when they get the mental disorder diagnosed and can admit that they need help and have actually been to a professional and began the process of change then you will be there with open arms and ready to focus on the future and never mention the past if the past is never part of the present!!

The older we become and the longer we are one way the harder it becomes to change.

The longer you ignore a mental disorder and the longer you stay attached the weaker you become and the easier it gets for you to tolerate the dysfunction.

Mental illness can block someone from living and keep them from being happy. They often will never admit they have something wrong and do all they can to convince you that they are ok and they will change, but in the same sentence they keep destroying relationships, keep the same mentality and continue to have no remorse.

Some of the people around you tell you to just talk to them. They just need love. Well to strangers they can put on a pretty good act and make everyone else out to be the bad ones.

Untreates mental illness & addiction ruins families destroys relationships and causes endless pain all around.

Remove yourself and the ones you love as quick as possible. Children will suffer the most when having to live with a mentally ill parent. Stop allowing yourself to be manipulated and mistreated. Stop hurting and most important stop allowing your children to hurt. If they won’t change they don’t deserve you! That is what I know, but remain a doormat.

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