Alone in the Dark πŸŒ™

10-12-1994 (13, my age at the time)

– A journal entry/poem from my childhood diary – (Yikes thw fearI once had of this being seen by any eyes besides me own)


At times you become so deranged, so much has changed.

You have became a stranger, and I sense so much danger.

All you do is lie. So you can go get high.

With no shame, you continue to play this game.

I am alone every night, because you are no where in sight.

Every day all I can do is pray! PLEASE take this demon away.

I wonder, What is so fun?? Why can’t you be done?

All I have left is hope. Yet its not enough, you always choose dope.

I know that you are ill. I pray that you can heal.

But, to me it’s gotten very clear. You only care about that next drug deal.

You are no longer in control, Meth the new owner of your soul.

The second it grabbed a hold, you became the mold.

Introducing the Devil’s newest hire, my mom, the big fat liar!

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