Best FB Update Ever👍

There’s all types of Facebook friends that annoy us and others make is cringe. Some might be family and others close friends and maybe some are just acquaintances. But, deleting or blocking them could often seem harsh or not the most efficent way to get them out of your feed. If you know that if you scroll down and happen to see another meme or post from them and biting your tongue is hardly an option at this point, it’s time to take action. 

I guess thats why Facebook invented that little unfollow button. With just one click you can unfollow those obnoxious friends and they wont even know! It’s a win win! Props for the unfollow option. It’s the best yet!

Facebook has brought those lame, attention seeking people a place to be whoever they want to be or who they want people to believe they are. As some are just out to seek attention, others are constantly posting jealousy inducing posts, or there is those lonely unhappy ones who use Facebook to make themselves feel better by hurting others in the process. We can all name a few. And they all fall in the category of I call Social Media Super Stars.

Are you guilty of being one? Looking back I can say I have done my fair share. But, its definitely not anything to be proud of. 

We are all guilty of being annoying on Facebook now and again but, some are just pure obnoxious and annoying with every post, to the point you have to unfollow them before you gauge your eyes out from seeing their bull shit. Do you fit in that category? Or do those that do fit in that category or even acknowledge how transparent they really are?? If you don’t know if you drive others insane or if your posts are 90% of the screenshots passed around and laughed at by others than let me help you!

If you have more than 1 of the following kinds of posts a week, chances are you are a Super Star to ALL your fellow facebook friends and most likely they share screen shots of your posts because they are too amusing not to get a good laugh out of. Some of you would call these your haters, and as good as that makes you feel to have a flock of haters, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they aren’t jealous or envious of you or your drama!

  • The friend who posts bible verses daily but, we all know has never even touched a bible. I realize you are trying to be an inspiration, but the only thing you are inspiring many to do is hit the unfollow button. It is almost as though you are telling everyone that you are inspirational just because you are you and that you have life figured out and want everyone to admire what a spiritual journey you are now on but, your actions actually speak louder than your Facebook posts. But, what do you think actually inspires people? To me its those who are achieving something incredible and setting an example for to others. Those who don’t just share all the good, but don’t go over board with pity parties. Words alone, to be inspirational and taken seriously, to me, must be from a gifted speaker or writer with something original to say. And we all know that’s not most of our Facebook friends who are quoting the bible by day and sleep with the devil by night. Unfollowed!
  • The friends who can be classified as the hard core attention seekers. The ones who make a post, but only post enough to let you know something good or bad is happening in their life, but don’t mention what or enough to let you know. Or when they are upset with something someone has done but, again leave out who or what has them upset. This leaves room for the questions. The part I like is watching how the poster will reply to each comment. There’s always that super star who keeps silent never revealing a thing, and just treating the commenters like their fans. Then there is the one after being asked what they are talking about & the explainplanations start spilling out in all in the comments; only showing they just wanted to be asked and because they needed that little bit of Facebook attention for the day. Then we have the oh my goodness it is so bad I can’t get into it or the one who gets mad and states that it is really no one’s business but, theirs. Got to love those people. Let’s make a public status and then proceed to tell commenters that it is actually none of their business. Well why the hell did you make it public? That was kind of an invitation to your “so called business!” Last you have that super fun friend who likes to say how exciting the news is but, they can’t tell yet, but everyone will find out very soon. I bet we all won’t sleep tonight waiting for you to finally spill that exciting news! And weeks later when you ask them  what was so exciting that you had to wait to tell everyone? They will answer with, to be honest so much is exciting right now I don’t even remember what that was about. Of course! Unfolding you too!
  • The friend who is known as the bragger. There is the relationship bragger. The one who has the best friends and couldn’t be in a happier place or the ones with the perfect boyfriend/perfect relationship and feel the need to express publicly how good he is to her or how happy and perfect they are together. If you feel the need to plaster your personal life and relationships all over Facebook there is plenty of acceptable less annoying ways to do so. Then there is the I’m bragging but, I want it to appear like I’m ranting. “Today at work, I was asked out twice, then when I was outside sweeping, I was whistled at so many times that I can’t count and a few yelled out nice boobs. Gosh I hate men and how they always stare at me and say such perverted things! Why are men such pigs?” A little bragging tied up with a rant. So, they are just really excited or pretending to be upset about their life that they can’t help but, tell everyone, or in reality maybe they’re hoping to make people jealous of your life and feel bad about their own. Either way most people will find you annoying. 
  • The bad ass friend, who behind the keyboard talks a talk they are unable to walk. Those are the ones who grew a super pair of balls just for social media amusements. They mouth everyone and are never happy. Constantly throwing people under the bus without actually naming that person, but when people ask who or what they private message them or drop hints. What would we have ever done before Facebook and the ability to publicly call people out as we hide and don’t actually say names and just make a status like, “Your kid just picked on my kid for the last time. What are you going to do when he beats your kid’s ass?” Such statuses tend to piss a mama off when they hear about your cowardly Facebook call out that was obviously an attempt to receive attention and the need for others to bash that kid and encourage your ignorance. And to think it is the parents of our youth teaching our youth that we should not air our dirty landry on Facebook unless you want even more trouble. 89% of the time its the adults that bully and bash as they hide behind their computer. It’s the adults that are setting the amazing example to our youth that it is ok to Facebook bash if we don’t mention names and it’s ok to be a coward and not ever confront the problem face to face. If this is your tactic grow some real balls and tag someone when you are speaking of them or drop it. That is too simple when one can get all the fulfillment and attention needed from one hateful Facebook bash. 
  •  Last but, not least we have the freind who complains about everyone bringing them down. Who constantly is posting memes that contradict everything about them. They are constantly saying how they are eliminating the wrong people from their lives who cause drama. They act like they have been put through so much that no one else would ever be able to survive it. As they keep sending invitations to their pity party with their obnoxious posts. Poor them. No I will not attend your pity party a second longer,  unfollwed!

      So all I have to say is the unfollow button was the best updates  to date Facebook has had. Perfect for all of those annoying people who are filling up our newsfeed. 

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