To Our Children,

The day you entered our lives you were so tiny, so helpless and so innocent. Daddy and I learned a whole new kind of love with each one of you that is indescribable. Each of you filled a space in our heart that we didn’t even know was empty and without each of you our lives would not be complete!

Daddy and I are far from perfect and have made many mistakes, some you may not understand, but it is the love we have for one another and each of you that helps us through the bad times and feel blessed about the good ones. No mistake you could ever make could change that love. We will always be there to help you through it and turn it into a lesson learned! Even when you think we won’t understand or are too old to understand, TRUST ME, we will understand!! Mark my word, the day will come you will understand why we said and did what we did those moments that you swore we were ruining your lives. So when it seems like we just don’t want you to have any fun, remember you have many more days to come and we know what’s best! We don’t expect you to understand why all of the time but, we do expect you to respect our decisions and do as you are told.

When you come to a dead end road, and you feel alone, always remember that there is always a back road to take even if you have wondered off the given path. We will always be by your side no matter what to help find that path. No matter what the issue or what the problem there will never be anything you should feel ashamed of or feel embarrassed to come to us with. We will never judge you or stay mad forever. We love you unconditionally and nothing can change that.

Admitting and owning up to your mistakes and learning from them is living! And something you have to do. Lying or running from them will never solve anything. Everyone makes mistakes! Somethings in life can’t be taught; they have to be learned by living!!

Never be a “half asser” or rely on others to pick up your slack. Never settle. Go hard. Everything you do, give it your all. Don’t be that person who slides through with doing things half ass! Keep trying. Set goals and try your hardest to achieve them and dont give up until you do. Never say CAN’T. If there is a will there is always a way! When you fall all you can do is get up and go harder!! 

As you live the first 18 years of your life you begin to mold your future. Decisions and choices you make now can make a huge difference on the person you become. Education is the most important thing. Enjoy it. Live it and never wish to be grown up! It will happen soon enough! Trust us about that. Senior year will come quicker than you think! You have the rest of your life to be grown up so enjoy being young while you can. 

Go places. See things. Try new things and get out of your comfort zone. You never know if you don’t try! And if you don’t try you often live on regret!

Stand up for what you believe. Remember saying something means nothing if your actions speak different. Remember the way you say you feel, is just that a feeling, only a thought until your actions speak different.

No matter what, always know that we will have your back through your journey. You are NEVER alone. Even though at times you will feel like nobody understands and nothing is going good, during those times remember we maybe your parents now but, we were once your age. We have felt all those things and that lost teenager is still inside us some place! So don’t be scared we have been through it all and can help guide you in the best direction!!

We will always love you all more than u will ever know!! XoX!

❤❤MOM & DAD❤❤

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